Application Requirement Summary

Age: Applicants must be at least 18 years old. All persons 18 years and older that will occupy the premises must complete a separate application and sign the Rental Agreement or Lease.
Occupancy Limits: Household size limited to a total of two (2) persons per bedroom plus one (1)up to two bedrooms. Studio Household Size Limit = 2 persons. 1 Bedroom Household size limit = 3 persons. 2 Bedroom Household size limit = 5 persons. Over 2 bedrooms, the household size is limited to two persons per bedroom.
Income: Legal and verifiable household income of at least Two and a Half (2.5) times the monthly rental rate. A minimum of one (1) year stable source of income is required. Applicant must provide current pay stubs and/or tax returns and/or documentation upon request.
Rental History / Home Ownership: Two (2) years rental history from person other than family member. Applicant must not have any indicators of negative rental history within the last two years.
Security Deposits: A security deposit is required on all rental properties. Security deposit must be paid in full on or before date of lease signing.
Pets: No pets are permitted unless authorized in writing prior to occupancy.
Lease Term: Check with RPM for term on property you are interested in.
Rent: Rent is due and payable in full on the FIRST of each month.
Cash: No cash will be accepted. All payments must be made via personal check, credit card, or money order.
Fees & Charges: Application Fee is $35.00 per applicant. Application Fee is non-refundable.
Credit History: Each applicant must have a good credit rating which will be verified through a credit reporting agency. Any adverse reporting such as delinquent accounts, collections, judgements, or a FICO score of less than 600 may disqualify the applicant.
Co-Signers: Co-Signers are subject to management approval and will not be considered if applicant has an unsatisfactory credit rating or rental reference.
Processing Time: It can take from 3-5 working days to complete the entire application process. Ramona Property Managers will contact applicant by phone or in writing. Do not contact Ramona Property Managers for an update. Should additional information be requested, the applicant(s) shall have no more than 48 hours to provide additional information requested. Should the applicant(s) fail to provide the information requested in the time frame allowed, the application may be denied.

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