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For over 50 years Ramona Property Managers has operated from the center of the San Gabriel Valley, providing professional property management services for individuals, investors, trusts, asset managers, and local government agencies.

Finding and placing a good tenant in your property requires education, experience, and discipline. Having been in business over 50 years, we make the best use of technology to maximize efficiency and minimizing risk to find quality tenants quickly.

Market Analysis
Rent set too high means an extended vacancy, while a rent set too low diminishes your returns and could increase expenses. We perform a thorough rent analysis designed to set your rent at a market rate that attracts quality tenants.

Marketing your vacancy isn’t just sticking an ad in the paper or posting a flier on Craigslist. We’ve created a marketing system that uses technology to its full potential, maximizing outreach and minimizing costs, including:

      • Internet rental services with referral links from other sites
      • Visible post signs
      • Our website, which is updated daily
      • Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

All applicants must go through a full and thorough screening process designed to minimize future risk of non-payment or damage. Here’s what an applicant goes through before becoming a tenant:

      • Detailed background check including credit score, criminal activity, court records, bankruptcies, etc.
      • Thorough rental history review and verification of sources
      • Employment and income research and verification
      • Financial analysis which weighs debt, income, and monthly budget projections
      • Personal Interview with applicants

Your property isn’t rented until the lease is signed and funds are received. Our leasing process includes:

      • A meeting with all incoming tenants, where the lease is reviewed and signed by all parties over the age of 18.
      • Residents are provided with an instructional packet containing important information to assist them in settling into their new home including phone numbers for utility services and instructions on using the After Hours Emergency system.
      • Performing a move-in inspection at the property within 24-hours of signing the lease to ensure that the residents are off to a good start, including photos to establish condition of the property and mitigate disputes on move-out.
Tenant Relations
One of the most difficult things about being a landlord is tenant relations. Some residents manage themselves, while others require more attention, and some long terms tenants begin thinking they are the Owner.

Good tenant relations begin with training, education, and experience. Our education and experience means lower vacancy rates and fewer problems. All residents are treated with respect and fairness, but we have solid boundaries and communicate our expectations before an applicant becomes a tenant which reduces future problems. We manage tenant relations by:

      • Informing new tenants of our policy regarding our rent collection procedures, up to and including necessary legal action
      • Providing online payment solutions and providing tenant receipts, statements and reports which decreases accounting errors
      • Giving Tenants access to our Tenant Portal where they can pay rent, submit and track maintenance requests, and ask questions of our staff.
      • Training our employees on California and Fair Housing laws
      • Correcting any lease violations, or violations from Homeowners Associations and municipalities
      • Handling all complaints and inquiries from residents and neighbors in a professional and courteous manner.
      • Providing tips, reminders, and information through our website, social media pages, and in person.
Accounting & Reporting
Ramona Property Managers Incorporated uses a full feature property management software designed for professionals to offer customized reports and immediate access. Our software also provides the ability to:

      • Collect rent electronically
      • Provide detailed monthly statements
      • Provide any-time access to your reports through our Owners Portal
      • Service mortgages, property taxes, insurance, and HOA dues at no extra charge to you
      • Maintain and archive property transactions and correspondence with owners, tenants, and vendors
      • Issue 1099 tax forms and annual reports
We complete exterior inspections once every other month and perform comprehensive interior inspections annually. During the inspection we make sure residents are complying with their lease, make notes and recommendations regarding maintenance issues, and look for any health or safety concerns.
Our maintenance program focuses on keeping costs low while protecting the value of your property. Rental properties require a flexible, well-established, cost effective program yet cost-effective maintenance program, which is a major key to positive cash flow. Our maintenance services include:

      • Hiring and monitoring vendors who offer quality work, excellent customer service, and preferred pricing for Ramona Property Managers, owners, and tenants.
      • Scheduling, co-ordinating, and supervising maintenance jobs to completion including follow up contact to make sure our clients and tenants are satisfied.
      • Licensed contractors available as preferred vendors.
Schedule of Fees
Our fees are based on the gross receipts of your property.
After all, if you’re not getting paid then neither should we.

We do offer a list of concierge style services that are only billed as necessary. Of course we are more than happy to sit down and discuss this with you. Please contact us for more information.

2018 Professional Services & Information Guide

Our Services & Information Guide includes an overview of our rental property management pricing, a full explanation of our services, and details about what makes us different.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide professional property management services that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients, our tenants, and the communities we serve.