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We are sorry you are having a problem on the property and will work to resolve it as  quickly as possible. After submitting your repair request, the request will be prioritized and will be assigned to an appropriate vendor.

Depending on the nature of your request depends on how soon a vendor will contact you to schedule an appointment.

You will receive notification by email or text that your request has been assigned and you may contact the vendor directly.

Regardless, someone will be in contact within 24 hours of submitting your request.

Before You Proceed

Before you proceed, you should be aware that the following is your responsibility.

  • To change smoke detector batteries and light bulbs, including those located in appliances.
  • To keep all bathroom and sink drains clear of clogs. This includes jammed garbage disposals.
  • To provide pest control to the property, unless you have reported an issue within the first 3 days.
  • To check all breakers and GFI outlet switches to ensure they are not tripped. It is important that you check and/or reset all GFI outlets, not just those in the room where you may be having an issue.

Please be advised, it is a condition of your rental agreement that tenants are responsible for the costs of these items or if a vendor visits the property to fix a report you have reported and the problem does not exist or no one is home.

IMPORTANT: Check the list of common issues and solutions below before submitting your request:



What is an Emergency?

An emergency is any broken or damaged item that threatens the health and/or safety of the tenants, the property, or the community. 

In case of Fire, Medical Emergency, or Criminal Behavior, Call 911 

Emegencies include, but are not limited to Fire (CALL 911 FIRST), flood, sewage back-ups, gas odors (Call Gas Company), constant water leaking (not dripping or leaking faucets), tree falling on house, broken windows, etc.

Call (626) 448-7882 and follow after hours emergency instructions.  

Examples of non-emergency related service calls (including, but not limited to): Refrigerator out, locking yourself out of the house, power or gas off (where tenant is responsible for utility), a/c out and the property has two (2) a/c units or the outside temperature is below 85 degrees, oven not working, water heater out, jammed garbage disposal, etc.  

These are maintenance issues and need to be reported, but they are NOT emergencies.

RPM is not liable for loss of food caused by appliance break down or for damaged belongings due to water leaks. Please make sure that you have adequate renter’s insurance to cover unforeseen personal losses.

The toilet will not flush

If your toilet is blocked:

Blocked toilets are usually caused by something blocking the system, and will need to be unclogged. Flush the system once, and use a plunger to gradually pump the blockage through the system. Avoid flushing the toilet too much while it is blocked, as this will cause an overflow.

There is no blockage, but the flush mechanism will not work:

To diagnose the issue of a non-flushing toilet, remove the cover on the back of the toilet to view the flushing system and make sure the flapper element is attached and working.

There is no power

Outlets are not working:

Rule out equipment failure by trying to power the equipment from another outlet. If you suspect that the outlet is the problem, reset the breaker to see if this resolves the issue. You may need to reset the GFCI.

The whole property is without power:

If your property is the only one without power, it is likely caused by a breaker that has been tripped. Locate the breaker box and reset the breaker to see if the power is restored. Call your electric company if you continue to experience issues, to see if there is an outage in your area.

There is no hot water

If You Have a Water Heater:

The likely cause of a lack of hot water is a fault in the settings of the tank thermostat. Check to make sure the settings are correct, and are not set to a vacation mode, or other “off” setting. Reset the thermostat and allow the system to heat up for 15 minutes before testing.

If You Share A Water Heater:

If you have a shared water heater, which is common in older buildings, all repairs should be performed by a professional. Please submit your repair request below.

There is no heat/ac to the property

Make sure your thermostat is set correctly, and has not tripped or encountered a fault that has shut off the system. Reset the thermostat. Call your utilities provider and check to see if your service has been suspended.

My issue is not listed here...

Other common issues include:

  • Lights not working – replace the lightbulb and check and reset the power breaker
  • Beeping smoke detector – replace the batteries and reset the system
  • Sink or dishwasher will not drain – check for a blockage or use an unblocking solution
  • Refrigerator is not working – check the temperature to see if it is too high/too low, check the grill and drain hole

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