Maintenance Information & FAQ

Maintenance is the more common area of tenant relations where “what you need to know” is not “what you want to hear”. 

 Listed below is a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding maintenance, who is responsible, and how t submit a maintenance request.

Before you get started reading, please remember that all maintenance requests must be submitted in writing.

We strongly recommend and encourage our tenants to activate the tenant portal to submit and track maintenance requests.

What is Normal Wear and Tear?
Normal Wear and Tear means many things to many people. As a general rule you should think of normal wear and tear as physical wear resulting from the intended use of a dwelling. However, the term does not include physical wear resulting from negligence, carelessness, accident or abuse of the premises, equipment or personal property by the tenant, by a member of the tenant’s household or by a guest of the tenant. These are damages.
Who is responsible for damages?
Physical wear resulting from negligence, carelessness, accident or abuse of the premises, equipment or personal property by the tenant, by a member of the tenant’s household or by a guest of the tenant are the responsibility of the tenant. Accidents happen, but that doesn’t mean a tenant is not responsible for the damage.
My stuff was damaged because of vandalism/ broken water pipe/ etc., isn't the Owner responsible?
Ramona Property Managers, Inc. recommends all tenants acquire Renter’s Insurance. In cases where personal property is damaged by events beyond the control of Ramona Property Managers or the Owner, tenants should submit claims to their insurance agent.
My drains are clogged and backing up
Call a professional plumber or rooter service to take care of the problem. We recommend Alex Rascon Rooter Service by calling (626) 448-1748. Please note that since drains are generally clogged from misuse, you will most likely be charged for drain backups. In some rare cases, roots can get in the lines but this is not very common. Most of the times we find drains clogged by items that should not be put into the drain system (toothbrushes, socks, diapers, etc). If we find the drain clogged by an item that should not be in the drain system, you will be charged for the service call.
My garbage disposal stopped working
Generally garbage disposals will jam or clog due to improper use. If your disposal stops working, you will need to request maintenance. Please be prepared to pay for the service call if we find the blades are jammed or the drain is clogged due to improper use. Again, accidents happen, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay for them.
My Toilet is clogged / overflowing
Plunge the toilet to release clog. This may take a few tries to work. If toilet is overflowing, shut off the water using the valve at the base of the toilet, mop up any water and try to plunge the toilet. If plunging the toilet does not release the clog, call a plumber or rooter service to clear the drain. We recommend Alex Rascon Rooter Service at (626) 448-1748. Please be prepared to pay for the service call and any damages to the property if we find toilet is clogged due to improper use.
Do I change the light bulbs in my apartment?
In most cases, Yes. You are responsible to maintain your lightbulbs. If you come across a light that you cannot reach with a step ladder, such as ones on vaulted ceilings or high stairways, you may request our assistance. Please be prepared to pay the for service call.
Am I responsible for smoke detectors?
After a smoke detector is installed, tenants are responsible for the care and maintenance of the smoke detector. Do not remove the batteries or the smoke detector (they are there for the protection of you and your family). If a smoke detector begins to beep, change the battery. If a smoke detector is missing or has been damaged, please schedule maintenance. Please be prepared to pay for the service if smoke detector has been removed or damaged.
There is water all over my bathroom floor
Make sure your curtain is on the INSIDE of your tub/shower or your shower doors are closed completely. If your curtain has two layers (plastic inside, cloth outside), make sure you are placing the plastic side on the inside of your tub/shower. You will be charged to repair damages for water that is “escaping” if we find this has been neglected and has caused damages.

Check that your sink faucet or toilet is not leaking. Feel the water lines for any wetness. Feel the bottom and back of the tank to see if it is just sweating or if it’s leaking. If your toilet, sink, or supply lines are leaking, you will not be charged unless there is evidence of tampering or damage caused by misuse.

How can I submit a maintenance request?
Maintenance is necessary to keep your home habitable and safe. Tenants can submit maintenance requests in writing by:

  • Using the Tenant Portal
  • Submitting an Online Maintenance Request
  • For emergencies during office hours call (626) 448-7882 and speak with a representative of Ramona Property Managers.
  • For emergencies After Hours please call (626) 448-7882 and follow the prompts until you are forwarded to maintenance personnel.

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