A good property maintenance program protects the value of your property, reduces liability, and increases income over time. Unfortunately, property maintenance is time consuming, takes a lot of responsibility, and requires a large network of resources to make sure the jobs are getting done on time and on budget.

As a professional property management company we work diligently to protect you and your property which is why we created our Canyon Vista Construction. Licensed, bonded and insured, Canyon Vista Construction handles the day to day maintenance required with quality service at a competitive price.

Maintenance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days to protect you, your tenants, and your asset. If Canyon Vista Construction doesn’t have the experience to handle a special job then we use our vendor list to provide competent, professional vendors for any project from large roofing projects to asphalt driveways. Maintenance is about support and helping you with the task of keeping your property safe, habitable, and profitable.

Using our maintenance department is not mandatory. If you have a preferred vendor, we will gladly work with them. All we need is contact information and we’ll do everything we can to get them set up in our vendor database.

Whether it’s routine, cosmetic, or deferred, maintenance can be the Achilles heel of your investment. With Ramona Property Managers and Canyon Vista Construction, it doesn’t have to be.