Fraud Alert

Fraud Alert


Welcome and thank you for taking the time to view our listing.

Please be advised this property is professionally managed by Ramona Property Managers, Inc. which means:

    • We do not post vacancies on Craigslist
    • We will never approve an application or sign a lease before you visit our offices
    • We will never ask you to send money before you visit our offices
    • We represent owners in all parts of leasing a property. This means you never negotiate directly with the owner.
    • An owner will never ask you to “call when you’re at the property” on any of our listings.
    • We never ask you to return the key anywhere but the where you found it – back in the lock box.

If anybody asks you to do any of the above – you’re probably targeted as a potential victim of fraud.

Rent with confidence and call our office at (626) 448-7882 with any questions.

Thank you.


The Team

Ramona Property Managers, Inc.